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Whiskey Wine & Wills™

Whiskey Wine & Wills™ is our podcast and webcast series through which we explore topics regarding family, friendship, relationships, parenting, entrepreneurship, pop culture, tech, and more – all while enjoying a glass (or two or three) of whiskey or wine.

Join us as we talk with parents, business owners, athletes, influencers, and other community members about building and leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Cheers (and drink responsibly)!

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We are Florida estate planning and probate lawyers who specialize in asset and legacy protection, business succession planning, and probate administration services. 

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Episode 2 - Get Upset, Move On. Celebrate, Move On.

Episode 2 - Get Upset, Move On. Celebrate, Move On.

Episode 2 | March 29, 2023 | In our latest episode of Whiskey Wine & Wills (TM), we are joined by our friend and colleague, Darren Heitner with Heitner Legal. Darren offers his own unique perspective on his life/work balance, leaving behind a lasting legacy, and life lessons he has learned and is passing on to future generations.

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Episode 1 | Welcome to Whiskey Wine & Wills

Episode 1 | Welcome to Whiskey Wine & Wills

Get to know Florida estate planning and probate lawyers, Jordan W. Jacob and Michael A. Greenfield, and their reasons for starting this podcast series.

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