About us.

Your Lawyers for Life... and After.™

You have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring an estate planning lawyer in Florida.

Here is what makes our law office stand out.

Bespoke planning

Using customized strategies and documents to meet each client's unique objectives.

Cutting-edge technology

Efficient, reliable and modern applications give clients the confidence that their plan will work now and in the future.

Fixed flat fees

Straight-forward, fair and honest pricing means clients never have to worry about unknown and unexplained fees.

Familial bond

Thoughtful and personalized service makes us feel like part of the family and not just your lawyer.


Easy scheduling, responsiveness, and extended working hours so you won't have to wait for answers or service.

Funding toolkit

A trust is just pieces of paper if not funded. Specific instructions help guide clients to fund their trust.

Virtual services

What can be done in person can be done over Zoom (except signing your documents)!

Legacy planning

Leave behind your intellectual, spiritual and human legacy to your loved ones. (Most) want more than just money and things.

Don't take our word for it.

See what our clients have to say.

Let's talk.

No fuss. No fees. Your estate planning with our law office starts with a no-cost initial consultation.

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